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What is Cloud-based ERP software?

Cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a comprehensive business software solution that centralizes data produced by the different departments of a company.

Is cloud-based ERP right for your business?

With cloud-based ERP solutions, businesses can enjoy all the efficiency and productivity advantages of enterprise resource planning without having to invest in an in-house solution. Those wanting a robust business management solution that’s flexible, scalable, and well-managed will benefit from a cloud solution.

A guide to what your remote working solution should look like

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses everywhere are forced to operate remotely. This poses risks because employees could be using unsecured wifi and devices which hackers can easily access. Your company data could be on the line and you need to take the necessary steps to protect it.  Here are 5 features you […]

How to create a practical cybersecurity framework

A cybersecurity framework forms the underlying basis for every effective data and network security strategy. Creating a security framework is vital in guiding your security decisions for coming up with preemptive and defensive measures.

Determining if your data protection plan needs a facelift

It’s imperative that organizations have a plan in place to protect their data in the event of a disaster or cyberattack. In addition, they will need to recognize when it’s time to give their data protection plan a facelift. Here’s what you need to know.