The Smart Way to Outsource IT and Strengthen Business

The Smart Way to Outsource IT and Strengthen Business

Successful businesses rely on some form of technology to manage operations and solve common problems. However, as technology continues to advance, it can become more expensive and introduce new challenges to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). In these cases, businesses can consider outsourcing IT to reputable partners that can manage their IT solutions for them, at a fraction of the on-premises price.

As discussed in “Investing In An IT Support System: SMB Tips For Outsourcing,” posted by Mark Wensell on, the need for efficient technology can quickly become a distraction for a growing SMB. In addition to the expense of modern business systems, companies often need skilled IT professionals to keep those systems working at peak capacity. Studies show that business technology spending already consumes over half of new project purchases and is set to increase by 10% or more per year. Here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing IT to strengthen your business and tips for doing it successfully.

Partner with a Software Provider You Can Trust

  1. Reduce the burden on staff: A growing business is a busy business that needs all of their people focused on strategic plans, goals and fulfilling customer needs. Outsourcing IT can reduce the distraction on your  IT team and allows them the time to focus on other strategic improvements.
  2. Save time and money: Cloud-based solutions offer a cost-effectiveness that’s hard to beat. There is no expensive hardware to install, servers to manage and updates are completed behind-the-scenes with little to no business disruption. You can also scale functionality and users according to immediate or anticipated needs.
  3. Increase security: Your software partner can provide cutting-edge security features that can, in most cases, be stronger than what a SMB is able to assemble. Intrusion detection, firewalls, spyware and virus protection, filtering and other threat management features can increase security, protecting customer and proprietary data, without over-taxing your IT team or budget.

When working with an outside partner to manage your IT needs, choose a provider that is experienced with modern business solutions, has experience within your industry sector, and takes the time to understand and respond to your unique business needs. This is a long-term partnership, so trust and understanding are keys to success. Contact AppSolute Consulting Group for more insight and guidance with outsourcing IT and strengthening your business in the process.
By AppSolute Consulting Group, LLC, Microsoft, Acumatica, and Sage Partner based in New York.

Meet The AppSolute Experts

The team at AppSolute Consulting Group, LLC includes some of the most talented and skilled business and IT experts in the industry. Many of our employees have experience in business, accounting, project management, and other areas in addition to software and technology. This experience offers unparalleled insight into the unique needs of our clients. Not only can we guide you to finding the best technology for your company, we can provide the support you need to ensure your systems remain aligned with your business needs.

Take a moment and meet our team:
Founding partners: Bruce Baron, David Hoffman, and Eric Grasman
Bob Nowatzky, Sage X3
Susan Chase, Senior Systems Analyst and Project Manager
Viktor Zelenko, Senior Consultant
Michael Ehrlich, Director of Network Services
Vincent Mantia, Senior Network Engineer

The AppSolute team of experts will partner with your business and guide you toward choosing the modern technology you need to support your growing enterprise. Our approach starts with learning how you do business, we discuss common disruptions or challenges that you currently face, and your goals or mission for the future of your company. With this information, we can then offer several options for onsite or cloud solutions that address both your challenges and can support your goals. Once the technology is chosen, our team can deploy the new system, train your employees, and provide as much follow-up support as you need. We also offer guidance or support with routine maintenance and software updates to keep your new technology working at peak capacity. Our experts also provide help-desk support, custom programming, system security, and other software support services. You are just a phone call or email away from receiving the information and guidance that you need, when you need it.

Contact the consultants at AppSolute when you are ready to upgrade your business solutions, replacing inefficient, outdated systems, with modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. We will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss how today’s technology can improve productivity, boost profitability, and support continued growth.

By AppSolute Consulting Group, LLC, New York Based Microsoft, Accumatica and Sage Partner

The Difference Between Accounting Software And ERP Solutions

Businesses rely on accurate financial management and many describe finances as the very lifeblood of the company.  Many decisions are based on current financial figures, which is why reliable accounting software is such a necessity.  However, over time basic accounting software no longer fits the bill, so to speak, and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution makes more sense.

Entry-level accounting software, such as QuickBooks, can work successfully for a time.  These solutions offer basic financial management activities such as monitoring income and expenses, populating bank statements, and paying bills.  You may be able to create invoices and print financial reports; however, there isn’t much more you can get out of entry-level accounting software.  A secondary problem often presents itself some time later – basic software can only handle a limited volume of data and a limited number of users.  With growth, your business generates more and more data that can quickly bog down the software, making it difficult to process data and reports.  Additional delays can occur as employees have to wait to enter or retrieve information needed to make important business decisions.  Before basic accounting software begins to stifle growth, make the change to a stronger business management solution.

You can manage all of your business operations with a modern ERP solution including financial transactions, supply chain and inventory, manufacturing and distribution operations, human resources and payroll activities, and other core business processes.  You can enter, access, and analyze data with greater efficiency when it’s located within a single, centralized solution.  In addition, data is seamlessly shared between processes. For example, you can create a proposal or contract for a customer and turn that data into a purchase order, and later, an invoice.  This and other time-saving automations reduces the time spent handling data and improves the productivity of your team.  Powerful ERP solutions also offer business intelligence and reporting features that make it easier to identify trends, uncover ways to control spending or reduce waste, and further improve business processes.
As your business grows, you need more than basic accounting software.  Choose a solution that can provide the insight you need to make data-driven decisions, improve productivity and profitability, and support superior customer service.

Contact AppSolute for more information about making the switch from entry-level accounting software to modern ERP.

By AppSolute Consulting Group, LLC, Microsoft, Accumatica and Sage Partner out of New York