4 steps to creating an effective IT strategy

Here are four critical steps that can help you create the perfect IT strategy to meet your business goals.

The cost of downtime by the numbers

Often, downtime occurs in micro-outages as opposed to a single, major outage. In these cases, you may not be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in one fell swoop, but these micro outages occur more regularly and can quickly add up. Most businesses report a single hour of downtime costs them $100,000. But did you know that downtime is more than just network outages?

Having a well-designed ERP can maximize your ROI

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is not just for large companies with highly complex IT needs. In fact, it's one of the most effective ways for any company to maximize its ROI in the long term. But what actually is ERP, and why is it such a vital profit-making tool? Let's take a look.

3 features of cloud ERP that trump QuickBooks

Cloud ERP solutions help improve business efficiency while driving costs down. But doesn't accounting software like QuickBooks serve the same purpose? No, but this is a common misconception — here's what you need to know about cloud ERP tools and why you should choose them over QuickBooks.

4 Things You Can Do Now to Save Money on Your IT

Better IT planning starts with a better IT plan. IT budgets break down exactly where all the IT funding goes. The ideal plan should serve as a centralized guide for your expenses and should provide a clear link between your technology and business goals.

3 managed services to drive business productivity

Many businesses do not completely understand all that managed IT services include. What are managed services, and what do they do? We’ve put together a list of three managed services that will raise your business’s productivity, along with brief explanations of how they do it. The results might surprise you.

What to do when your business outgrows QuickBooks

Your business will inevitably outgrow the on-premise QuickBooks accounting system. It is only a matter of time until you start feeling the pressure for a more robust cloud ERP solution — perhaps the signs are already beginning to show. If QuickBooks is falling short, it is time you upgraded.

Is cloud-based ERP right for your business?

With cloud-based ERP solutions, businesses can enjoy all the efficiency and productivity advantages of enterprise resource planning without having to invest in an in-house solution. Those wanting a robust business management solution that's flexible, scalable, and well-managed will benefit from a cloud solution.

Remaining secure in the cloud: security best practices for cloud ERP solutions

Cloud ERPs are taking over as the preferred business process management systems. But many entrepreneurs have yet to understand what adopting a hosted ERP means in terms of cybersecurity. There are good reasons to worry about ERP security, and also several ways you can minimize the associated risks.

Enabling a mobile workforce with cloud ERP

Mobile workforces are the way of the future, but without a mobile ERP system, your business will not be able to take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer. Find out why your business needs to implement a mobile ERP and some of the benefits here.

A guide to what your remote working solution should look like

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses everywhere…

Why managed cybersecurity is the best option for a growing business

If you fail to meet your compliance requirements, you can seriously damage your company's reputation. Below, we consider why compliance is so critical to staying operational and how managed cybersecurity is the best way to fulfill your company's security and compliance needs.