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Seagate EVault

Protect data in the cloud - simply, securely, reliably, quickly.
Seagate EVault Backup Services

Seagate EVault

Online Backup is an automated online backup and recovery service. EVault cloud-connected backup and recovery—a hybrid of onsite software and cloud services for fast, local restores and ensured disaster recovery is all built on a single platform and backed by expert services.

  • Full-service cloud based backup and recovery
  • A single technology platform shared across all Evault deployments— SaaS, software,
    and appliances—enables Evault technologies to integrate seamlessly so you can mix,
    match, and change components to suit your evolving needs.
  • Pure disk-based, WAN-optimized technology delivers excellent multi-site performance
  • Backed by Seagate – Evault’s parent and the world’s largest storage provider.
    company is the world’s largest


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