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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Build more profitable customer relationships through better customer intelligence and personalized experiences.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can better service your current customers – and win new ones – with a complete view of your customer’s history and what issues they might be facing today. Communicate in new ways, build deeper insights into your customers’ needs and expectations using data you capture with CRM. By combining Office 365 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, we can offer a business solution that can help small- and mid-sized businesses connect with their customers. You can provide your teams with the tools they need to gain insights about your current and prospective customers. Plus, a familiar user experience promotes adoption.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM Downloads

Modern Biz: A Better Way to Know your Customers



Having a strong connection with your current customers and prioritizing the right leads makes your sales teams more effective with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Reach your goals: Drive sales and service best practices across your organization

Role-specific business processes help your sales and service team stay on track

  • Follow a guided sales and service experience with built-in best practices
  • Drive toward successful outcomes, ensure consistency, and easily adapt when changes are needed

Focus on what matters: Zero in on the customers and opportunities that will help grow the company

Get control of your business by prioritizing opportunities

  • By presenting the data about opportunities in a way that’s easy to understand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online can help your team focus on the most promising leads
  • Rich, interactive dashboards help you track your most active customers, helping you uncover new sales opportunities

Find add-on service opportunities with your current customers by easily viewing their activity history

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